There are six ways to raise cows

1. Disinfection awareness is not strong: Many dairy cattle households believe cattle have strong disease resistance and do not need to pay attention to it. As a result, cows often die. We must conscientiously do a good job of disinfection, winter and spring weekly disinfection of the cowshed and the surrounding environment, summer and autumn disinfection twice a week, and do feed, drinking water hygiene, prevent mildew feed. 2, eager to achieve: Many dairy cows in the yak is not born 18 months of age, weighing only 250 kg when the mating, the first child often have dystocia, the rupture of the vagina, affecting the normal reproduction of the next child. Therefore, the cattle-raising households can't be eager to seek success, and the breeding and management of yaks and bred cattle should be strengthened to reach 350-400 kg before the initial allocation. 3. Excessive milking: The average lactating period of dairy cows is 305 days, and some dairy cows stop the cows from being post-harvest until there is no milk. As a result, cows consume nutrients excessively, which makes it more difficult for pregnant cows to affect their milk production. improve. Therefore, milk must be milked during the lactation period to allow the cows sufficient time to make up for the loss of nutrients in the body. 4, dry milk reduction: dairy cows through calving lactation, many nutrient loss in the body, coupled with pregnancy, embryonic development of nutritional needs, all need to restore nutritional supplements in the dry period, many dairy cows mistakenly believe that milking Should be fed worse, greatly reducing the amount of fine feed, resulting in lower-grade sensation before labor, calving time, yak body is weak, cows produce low milk. It can be seen that except for just a few days after the just dried milk and a few days before the onset of production, the dairy cows should appropriately reduce the feed amount of the concentrate, and the amount of dry feed during the dry period should be 0.8-0.9% of the weight of the cow. 5, line piles support: most dairy cows regardless of the four seasons to use the tethered neck of the cows, not only limited the activities of calves, but also seriously hindered the growth of calves, resulting in difficult labor for dairy cows, no placenments, Erosion is not obvious, poor health and other adverse reactions. Therefore, the calves should be allowed to move freely within the calf pens, feed regularly to promote the metabolism of the cows, increase appetite, maintain normal reproduction, and increase disease resistance. 6, do not brush cattle body: the cow's skin is sensitive to the outside dust, when the hair is attached to dry faeces, the cow feels uncomfortable, commonly used tongue, use the body to wipe the wall, groove and other ways to lift the body's itching, seriously affecting the cow Healthy body. Therefore, keep the bovine body clean and sanitized with a brush once a day.


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