The Characteristics and Control of Silkworm Virus

Etiological viruses are caused by ingestion and wound invasion of silkworms. Symptoms The different types of viruses and invading different sites can show different symptoms. 1 body cavity pus: different developmental stages, the appearance of the symptoms are quite different, but the late onset, showed typical symptoms. The body of the silkworm was swollen, with a creamy white appearance, and the abdomen, ventral base, and valve circumference were more pronounced. In severe cases, her performance was disturbed. She often crawled on the edge of the silkworms. The skin was broken, and a white dripping juice was poured. The pus marks were left in the places where he had crawled, and the body was black after the death. Symptoms at different developmental stages, according to their characteristics, are known as insomnia, silkworm, silkworm, silkworm, silkworm, and black spot silkworm. 2 intestinal pus: the condition is slow, long duration, sick period can be maintained 1-2 ages before death. The development of small silkworm diseases has been hindered, ranging in size, loss of appetite, and weakness in the body, followed by empty chest, diarrhea, and successive deaths. Bombyx mori was infected and the appetite was not strong. He climbed around the silkworms and stayed still. The chest is empty, and the white and green contaminants are discharged. The dying fluid is accompanied by vomiting fluid. There are traces of filthy fluid around the body. The external symptoms of this disease are very similar to those of softening and bacterial gastro-intestinal diseases. However, dissection of the intestine reveals a milky white bulge and a large number of polyhedrons can be detected. This is an important indicator of the diagnosis of the disease. 3 softening disease: the appearance of symptoms and similar to the middle-intestinal pus. However, the chest emptiness of this disease is particularly obvious, commonly known as "short." Drainage was thin or brownish. Stomach fluid was delivered before death. After death, the body was softened. There was no white fecal water in the intestine, and there were no polyhedrons after microscopy. Prevention 1 Serious disinfection, elimination of pathogens, cut off the transmission route. 2 Pick out the diseased silkworms and transport them out of the house. It is forbidden to spread silkworm excrement in the vicinity of Jamsil. Feed fresh mulberry leaves. 3 Use lime powder to spread the silkworm seat (see white silkworm body can be), or use quicklime turbid liquid (small silkworm 0.5%, silkworm 1%) spray on the mulberry leaves to add food, 1-2 times a day. 4 Add chloramphenicol to prevent and treat gastrointestinal secondary diseases have a certain role. China Agricultural Network Editor

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